Bar del Pla

A traditional-looking tapas joint that doesn’t look vastly different from the rest with its unassuming facade, but one that raises the food to a higher level.

You’re not coming here for the décor, and what is it with the floodlit restaurants in this town? But it is worth the (probable) wait for a seat.

There’s a little experimentation in the kitchen, but largely Bar del Pla is all about the standards done really well. They may not be described very accurately on the menu either: the “fried small fish” turned out to be more like a fisherman’s platter, and bloody good too.

Bar del Pla_4

Menu descriptions are pretty basic, but almost everything that comes out is excellent. The pork belly tacos can’t come highly enough recommended, for instance.

Bar del Pla packed with locals, so that’s a good sign, and definitely worth a stop if you’re in the El Born district (on the same street as the Picasso Museum, but far enough away not to be completely overrun with tourists).

Bar del Pla is at the top of my recommendations for casual tapas.

Book ahead, or be prepared to wait.


Calle Montcada, 2