Barcelona Restaurants and Bars

Barcelona is one of the world’s great culinary destinations. In Barcelona you don’t have to blow the budget on Michelin-starred restaurants – though you can, with 18 establishments awarded at least one star – because just about everybody in Barcelona seems to be a foodie. There is something good to be had on just about every other corner, but unfortunately, there is also something set up to fleece tourists as well. You can eat incredibly well in Barcelona for not a lot of money, and you can blow a packet on garbage. Don’t do that! Here are some favorite Barcelona restaurants and bars where you can’t go wrong:

Casual & Tapas

Now I’ll admit, tapas joints are a dime a dozen in Barcelona, but not all tapas joints are created equal. And there’s even some imagination in this space. Go beyond reheated croquetas and get ready for a world of interesting gastronomy. These are the Barcelona restaurants and bars you’ll remember long after your trip.


At the bar in the tiny Viblioteca, one of our favorite Barcelona restaurants and bars

Viblioteca is a wine bar and more, turning out an array of sharing plates from behind the tiny bar. Bookings essential. Highly recommended. Read more

Bar del Pla

It is worth the wait to ge into Bar del Pla, a great Barcelona restaurant and bar

Bar del Pla in busy El Born is a favorite and does almost everything right. Highly recommended, and bookings essential. Read more

Bar Cañete

Seafood doesn't get much better than this.

This old-school tapas bar is really worth the visit. Cañete does the classics very well, plus some daily specials, and a few more imaginative dishes. Read more

Sucursal Aceitera

Scursal is another Love It There* recommendation on Parlament – a solid choice for tapas and some more imaginative plates. Read more

Tasqueta De Blai

In a street full of pinchos joints, La Tasqueta de Blai is always busy – surely a good sign. Read more

Enoiteca Zona d’Ombra

Behind Enoiteca Zona d’Ombra's relatively humble exterior is a bar that has an enormous range of Spanish wines available by the glass

Charming old-school wine bar in the centre of the old town, offering a massive choice of wines by the glass. Read more


If you're looking for a Barcelona restaurant or bar that specializes in Catalan wine, Eldiset could be the place for you.

This buzzing bar in El Born specialises in Catalan wines. Read more

Federal Café

The Australian theme at Federal Café extends to good coffee.

This Australian-style brunch/lunch joint in Parlament is pretty darned good. And I’m not just saying that because I’m an Aussie! Read more

Quimet y Quimet

At Quimet y Quimet most of the food comes from cans. Don't be fooled: it is seriously good.

Tiny little hole-in-the-wall bar in El Poble Sec. Standing only. Good food, but popular with tourists. Read more


This tiny restaurant is popular for a reason. Palosanto does great burgers and some other interesting offerings. Bookings essential. Read more

Kiosk Universal

One of the many casual restaurants in La Boqueria, Kiosk Universal is an excellent choice for fresh seafood. Read more


Stylish, smart, good food – either tapas or bigger plates – and a great location. Gats is well worth putting on your list. Read more


On-trend sandwich joint, with salads, decent coffee, and cakes too. Cometa may not be a must-see, but definitely worth the stop if you’re in Parlament and looking for lunch. Read more

Bar Lobo

Solid tapas choice close to Las Ramblas, Bar Lobo wins on many fronts. Read more

Komo en Kasa

Hole-in-the-wall take-away coffee and snacks with the friendliest service in Barcelona.  Read more

Bigger Plates

The line between the ‘casual & tapas’ joints listed above and these ‘bigger plates’ can be a bit blurry – though in general these are the places where you’d expect starters and mains, and a bit less sharing. These Barcelona restaurants and bars may be more formal, but are still places that I reckon will leave an impression, and that’s why I’m…err…sharing.


Don't let Fismuler's hotel location fool you: this is some serious dining. Easily one of Barcelona's best restaurants and bars

Okay, it’s an outpost of a Madrid restaurant, but Fismuler is seriously good. One of my current Barcelona favourites


The street is hardly salubrious, but Arume is one of Barcelona's more popular bars and restaurants for a reason

Arume is a charming little El Raval restaurant that has (unfortunately) lately been overrun by TripAdvisor followers. Book late, rather than tourist hour, and all should be good. Read more

Bambarol Bar Restaurant

Bambarol is a bit off the main tourist track, on the other side of Diagonal, but worth the trek. Just don’t tell everyone. Read more

Cuines Santa Caterina

There may be a wait for a table at the bustling Cuines Santa Caterina, but usually the queue moves quickly.

Cuines Santa Caterina is a big, bustling restaurant with a tapas bar at the entrance spilling onto the footpath. No reservations taken, but the tables turn over fairly fast. Read more


Louro does seriously good Galician food, right on Las Rambla. Who knew you could find a decent Barcelona restaurant here?

Apparently there isn’t a rule that restaurants in Las Ramblas must be horrid tourist traps. Who knew? The people behind Louro. Galician food done well.  Read more

Torre d’Alta Mar Restaurant

The food at Torre d’Alta Mar Restaurant can be nearly as pretty as the view

Not the tourist trap you may expect given its outlook, Torre d’Alta Mar Restaurant delivers on its food promise too. Read more

1881 per Sagardi

Paella at 1881 per Sagardi. Makes you hungry just to look at it.

1881 Per Sagardi does superior seafood in busy Port Vell. Not cheap, but highly recommended. Read more


There are definitely more salubrious areas in Barcelona, even by El Raval standards, but Robadora is worth the visit. Read more


Fine dining in an impressive location (and for a cost). Still, we wonder why Tragaluz somehow manages to avoid much media attention. Read more

Bar Brutal/Can Cisa

Bar Brutal specialists in natural wines, which some may find challenging. For fans, the selection may look like heaven. The food’s pretty good too. Read more

Cera 23

Cera 23 is the slightly less popular sister restaurant to Arume around the corner. Still one of El Raval’s better offerings. Read more