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Restaurant Arume may have arrived on the tourist trail, but it is still worth a visit. Friendly service and imagination from the kitchen are pus points.

Arume is a charming local restaurant in El Raval

A bit of a favourite this one, and not just because it is close to home. Almost every dish on the menu delivers on its promise, and most are fairly imaginative too, without going over the top.

The service is spot-on, and the pricing is too low for what they deliver. No wonder it is always full from ‘tourist hour’ at 7pm until late. (That, and the fact that TripAdvisor rates it the best paella in town. The paella is fine, but there are others that are better – TripAdvisor is hardly a reliable arbiter.) Book ahead.

The charming Arume's shopfront

Calle Botella, 11-13

Tel: 933 154 872


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