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Barcelona tourism news, plus a few thoughts about what’s going on and travel in general.

The top 5 Barcelona attractions, and 5 alternatives to avoid the crowds

The top 5 attractions in Barcelona are popular for a reason – there’s really nothing else like them. Or is there? For visitors wanting a unique and memorable Barcelona experience, here are its top 5 attractions, and alternatives for what to see in Barcelona for those who would prefer to avoid the crowds.

Tower cranes over the unfinished spires of La Sagrada Familia, and the entrance, obscured by tour buses
La Sagrada Familia entrance with tour buses in the foreground.

Airbnb vs. the People

The tight streets of El Raval in Barcelona

Airbnb – and other short-term rental platforms – have long been under fire for pricing local renters out of city-centres in popular tourist destinations. But Barcelona may emerge from the coronavirus pandemic with a better short-term rental market for all.

Travel Under Pressure

A plane takes off into grey skies
Bumpy skies ahead?

Like it or not, travel is under the microscope – and under pressure – from a number of quarters and for a number of reasons. From environmental concerns to overtourism, travellers would do well to listen, and to adjust their behavior…or risk a backlash.

Is Barcelona Ruined by Tourism?

Sticker on the pavement in Barcelona saying "tourism kills the city"

Stephen Burgen argues that Barcelona has been ruined by tourism in a recent Guardian article. Read on to find out why I’m not so sure…

More Catalan Architectural Gems to be Listed

The Montjuïc Communications Tower, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is an icon of the Barcelona skyline.

According to a report in elPeriódico, the Catalan government has proposed classifying 438 buildings from the 19thand 20thcenturies as assets of national or local interest (up from only 81 today). Read all about it here

Terra Dominicata

We like a boutique hotel. And we like the rugged terrain (and wines) of this part of Catalunya. So a new five-star hotel in a 12th century monastery at the foot of Montsant sounds rather tempting.

Terra Dominicata features 26 rooms and a restaurant, in a peaceful location on the edge of Montsant National Park. I suspect we’ll be visiting before too long.