Torre d’Alta Mar Restaurant

Typically you’d expect a restaurant in a historic tower with great views over a city to be little more than a tourist trap, but Torre d’Alta Mar goes much further.

Choose from a range of tasting menus or à la carte, and be prepared for some surprises from the kitchen.

I used to love the lunch menu, because you not only got a taste of the kitchen’s creativity for about half the price, but also enjoy the sweeping views of the city in the daylight.

Unfortunately, it looks as though that’s a thing of the past. I’m sure the food’s of a similar quality in the evenings, and if you arrive early enough you’ll see it in the daylight – at least when the days are longer.

So while I once gave this place a solid recommendation, I’m personally waiting to see whether the lunchtime menu makes a return. When that happens, I may well do so too.

Tel: 93 221 00 07